2 Person Home Survival Starter Kit

The home starter kit gives you key basic items to help you and your family in the event of an emergency.  Perfect for a small household, this 2 person kit provides some first aid items, lighting, warmth and a radio.

We encourage you to add extra items to this kit insuring you are self-sufficient for three days as per the MCDEM Recommendations.


  • 1x Rucksack
  • 3x Light Stick
  • 1x Aquatabs
  • 1x Whistle
  • 1x Leather Gloves
  • 1x D Torch with Batteries
  • 1x Radio with Batteries
  • 1x 2 Person First Aid Kit
  • 2x Foil Blanket
  • 2x P2 Dustmask

Once you have received your starter kit see the brochure inside for further information & additional recommended Items.

The products in this kit may vary due to stock availability

Shipping Details: Safety Products generally ship within 48 hours

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