2 Person Small Office Survival Kit

Be prepared for anything in the office as well as the home!

This Small Office Kit is designed for offices with small staff numbers and contains tools and other equipment needed in an office environment. 

These kits are purpose-built to high standards to fulfil Civil Defence specifications and requirements.

The Small Office 2 person kit contains the following:

  • 1x Bag - Rucksack 24L Orange
  • 2x Mainstay food rations 3600
  • 2x Gloves -Leather
  • 4x Light sticks wrapped
  • 1x Rope 4mm x 10 meter length
  • 2x Bag Plastic Large
  • 1x Multi tool
  • 1x Aquatab water purification Pkt
  • 2x Whistle
  • 2x Emergency Survival Bag
  • 2x Poncho
  • 2x Dust Masks
  • 1x Radio AM/FM  Batteries included
  • 2x Water Drink Bottle
  • 1x First Aid Kit Survivor 1-2
  • 1x Notebook
  • 1x Rope Polyprop 30m x 5mm
  • 2x Ear Plugs pairs
  • 1x Hand Sanitiser 500 ml
  • 1x Knife - Utility
  • 1x Hacksaw 300 mm frame
  • 2x Hacksaw Spare Blades 24 tpi
  • 1x Pliers
  • 2x Safety Glasses
  • 1x Screwdriver 8 pce set
  • 1x Pencil
  • 2x LED torch  Batteries included

Please note: Due to our continuous product development the photograph may show items that have been upgraded to newer items, or items that have been removed or replaced. The correct contents are as listed above.

Shipping Details: Safety Products generally ship within 48 hours

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