4 Person Home Survival Starter Kit

Ensure you and your family are prepared for anything. The home starter kit gives you some basic key items to help you and your family in the event of an emergency including first aid, lighting, warmth and a radio.

We encourage you to add extra items to this kit insuring you are self-sufficient for three days as per the MCDEM Recommendations.


  • 1x Rucksack
  • 3x Light Stick
  • 1x Aquatabs
  • 1x Whistle
  • 1x Leather Gloves
  • 1x D Torch with Batteries
  • 1x Radio with Batteries
  • 1x 4 Person First Aid Kit
  • 4x Foil Blanket
  • 4x P2 Dustmask

Once you have received your starter kit see the brochure inside for further information & additional recommended Items.

The products in this kit may vary due to stock availability

Shipping Details: Safety Products generally ship within 48 hours

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