Emergency First Aid Kit

Sometimes a plaster and a kiss just won't cut it.

This emergency First Aid Kit is designed to OSH standards and contains premium hospital grade components. It comes in a soft case and is ideal for emergencies.

3x Antiseptic Wipe
40x Plastic Plasters
1x Green Cross Elastic Gauze 5cm x 4m
2x Gauze Swabs Non Woven sterile 2's 7.5
1x Saline Solution 30ml
1x Dressing Strip 6cm
1x Non Adherent Pad (Sterile) 5cm x 7.5cm
1x First Aid Scissors
1x Plastic Twizzers
1x Microporous Tape 12mm 
2x Non Woven Triangular Bandage
2x First Aid Dressing 12cm x 12cm Medium
1x Pair Latex Gloves - Medium
1x Green Cross Resuscitation Filter Face
1x Conforming (Roller) Bandage 10cm
1x Sentry Eye Pad STERILE
1x First Aid Leaflet

Shipping Details:
Safety Products generally ship within
 48 hours

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